Five Oaks brings several wonderful things together.  First is the location and its fabulous beauty.  Blue Ridge Mountains, Southwest Mountains, rolling hills, and luscious vineyards set the stage.  Next is the wine.  The wine presents itself as easy to drink, little or no after-taste, smooth, and reasonably priced.  As a testament to the quality, no one wine out-sells another.

Traminette & Cayuga White

Licensed Winery

Five Oaks Vineyards is a licensed Farm Winery.  Five Oaks is also licensed by the State of Virginia and its labels have also been approved.  Five Oaks is also an agent of the Virginia Winery Distribution Company for sales to retail licensees, such as restaurants and wine retail companies.

Our Phased Approach

This project started in a four-phase mode. The first phase was to grow grapes and demonstrate that it can be done economically.  The second phase was to grow quality fruit that would produce quality wine. This was accomplished by the second year (2011) harvest of 2.1 tons, which produced some very good wine that has been very well received. This phase continues today.  The third phase is to convert or add to the barn the capability of cold storage of both bottled wine, bulk wine storage for bottling on the premises [Working], and the modification of the barn to include a small tasting room. Phase four will include the purchase and installation of tanks for wine processing.  Phase four is in the future.


Summer Hours: 1 PM to 6 PM, Saturdays, Sundays, & Holidays, June 1 to Sept 30.  Also by Appointment.

Winter Hours: Noon to 5 PM, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, & Holidays, October 1 through May 31.  Also by Appointment.

Our Tasting Room is presented in a bistro-style. You can sit at your table and enjoy the conversation, hospitality, and the experience.    We will  move outside as the weather permits. Check monthly pages for out-of-normal tasting times.

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