Five Oaks brings several wonderful things together.  First is the location and its fabulous beauty.  Blue Ridge Mountains, Southwest Mountains, rolling hills, and luscious vineyards set the stage.  Next is the wine.  The wine presents itself as easy to drink, little or no after-taste, smooth, and reasonably priced.  As a testament to the quality, no one wine out-sells another.

Traminette & Cayuga White

Licensed Winery

Five Oaks Vineyards is a licensed Farm Winery.  Five Oaks is also licensed by the State of Virginia and its labels have also been approved.  Five Oaks is also an agent of the Virginia Winery Distribution Company for sales to retail licensees, such as restaurants and wine retail companies.


We are closed for tastings.  Please call or email for  purchase of cases of the 2014 Chambourcin.