Events & Notes

We are now a bit over the half-way mark for having enough commitments to purchase cases of the newly bottled White and Blush.  It will only take another eight (8) cases at $20/bottle or $240/case to complete the drive.  Once completed the bottling can occur.  If you want to purchase cases of Chambourcin instead, that will speed things along as well.  Chambourcin is also on sale.  

I ask you to please consider a commitment soon.   No funds will be collected until all commitments are made.  We are hoping to bottle here at Five Oaks and I am also needing some help with ½ case of wine and lunch as payment.  There is a small lead time for ordering bottles, corks, etc.  Remember, you may receive any mixture of wine in your case, white, blush, or red (2014).

As a reminder, there is a special for $950 that purchases four cases, one each of White and Blush, with two cases of Reds [2014 & 2015].  This special purchase consists of 48 bottles at a $/bottle price at $19.79 – one heck of a deal!  Receipt of the Red cases is immediate and the white and blush after bottling.

Also, if the advance commitment is successful, we intend to continue the practice for future bottlings.

We are considering implementing a local delivery service for Albemarle & Greene on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Details have not been worked out.

Input is welcomed.