RV Info & Requirements

Space 3 is not available on weekends [Friday, Saturday, & Sunday].

Space 3 is a small RV space for use during the week & Space 6 is a future space.

Spaces 1, 2, 7, 8, & 9 provide the most isolation, spaces 4 and 5 are between the barn and a small vineyard.  All are good.

There are two kinds of reservations, A & B.

Class A reservations are Non-reserved Spaces and are first come, first serve, NO DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED.  Confirmation includes harvest number & cell phone number. Unconfirmed spaces will not be held for you.

Class B reservations require a deposit [$30] at least 48 hours prior to arrival, harvest number, cell phone number, and specific space selection.  Space deposits will be applied to purchases, unless you are late [arriving past closing] or cancel. If you did not pay a deposit, you do NOT have an assigned/reserved Space.

You will not be logged in until confirmation is complete.

Nights after the first night are $30.00/night paid 48 hours prior to arrival and are non-refundable 24-hours prior to arrival.

Generator usage is ok.  Only service dogs [animals] in the tasting room.

Visitors & Guests of parked RVs must park their vehicles in the proximity of the RV.

Please notify when you know your time of arrival [about] and provide notification when you depart.